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Behavior Analysis & Technology, Inc. can provide in-service training for staff in schools, workshops, community programs, and other organizations providing services to individuals with behavioral disturbances or special needs.

A fiscal necessity

Because of cuts in existing federal and state programs and other educational funding support for people with behavioral disturbances and developmental disabilities, it is critical that service providers in the fields of developmental disabilities and special education are trained in the basic components and techniques of applied behavior analysis. This is also important because of policies of inclusion, which mandate educating all students with disabilities in more integrated settings. In the future, due to funding reductions, smaller staff-to-consumer ratios may also be necessary. In addition, if staff members are trained in applied behavior analysis and behavior management techniques, this can prevent the development of serious behavior problems, which can result in costly consulting fees from outside consultants.

More than thirty years of experience

In-service training is provided by a behavioral psychologist who has had many years of experience designing, monitoring, and supervising behavior management programs for children and adults with behavioral disturbances and developmental disabilities. Settings have included special education programs, workshops, respite facilities, and residential facilities. In-service trainings have also been provided for educational and residential staff as well as for parents of individuals with behavioral disturbances or special needs.

Topics covered

Trainings can be tailored to individual needs, but the following topics are typically included:

            How to establish an applied behavioral intervention

            Teaching positive behaviors

            Eliminating negative behaviors

            Classroom application

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