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The ongoing visual attention research and development program at BA&T is continually expanding our understanding of the fundamental nature of visual attention, primarily in young children and in individuals with developmental disabilities. Notable among our findings, for example, are our discoveries about overselective visual attention.

Overselective visual attention is a perceptual problem that can interfere with the learning and development of a child. Individuals with overselective visual attention respond to only restricted portions of the complex array of features and stimuli in their visual environment. They demonstrate a type of tunnel vision that affects their ability to shift attention among elements of complex stimuli. It is most prevalent among individuals with developmental disabilities, and it is thought that it may explain the difficulty these indviduals commonly have in acquiring appropriate social, language, play, and emotional behaviors.

Our research in this area has revealed several fundamental findings:

Our research into this critical topic is ongoing. As we increase our understanding of the factors that underlie and control attentional problems, we will continue to make this information freely available to the community through print-medium and electronic publication. See our latest publications in Behavior Analysis & Tehnology Monographs:

N. H. Huguenin, Computer assessment of overselective visual attention in six-year and nine-year old boys, Behavior Analysis & Technology Monograph 060701, 1-22, 2006

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N. H. Huguenin, Assessing Attention Remotely Online Utilizing Multiple Tests Including Response Latency. Paper presented at the 94th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, in Philadelphia PA (29 February - 2 March 20234)

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