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Behavior Analysis & Technology, Inc. can provide behavioral assessments for schools, workshops, community programs, and other organizations providing services to individuals with behavioral disturbances or special needs.

Major skill areas. Major skill areas are assessed, which include, for example, language and communication, fine and gross motor skills, and academic and vocational skills, among others.

Social Skills. Social skills are also assessed. This includes determining how the individual interacts in groups, quality of peer relationships, interactions with staff, eye contact, degree of self-control, classroom participation, courtesy to others, degree of independence in the community, and community skills.

Identification of behavior problems. The presence of behavior problems which could interfere with development of the individual are also determined. This is assessed during the regular classroom, workshop, or community routine, while transitioning between activities, and during delays that occur unexpectedly.

Recommendations. Recommendations are made for managing or eliminating behavior problems based on the classroom, workshop, or community activity observations. Recommendations are additionally made for improving the effectiveness of teaching procedures. Because of conducting a comprehensive assessment, individualized teaching strategies and behavior programs can be developed and provided.

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